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India is acclaimed to be the cradle of world civilisations, for contributing immensely to the world in the various fields of arts, sciences, technology and spirituality. In ancient India right from Vedic period till the time of Mahābhārata war, science and technology was at its zenith. The seers of this land discovered all the laws underlying spiritual and material creation and thereby developed a vast study material (literature) covering both the aspects of science, i.e. spiritual (metaphysical) and material (astrophysical & physical) sciences. Had all the literature been preserved today, whatever lost to plunders and loot in different libraries of India like Nalanda Takshashila and Ujjain, there would have been a different world in terms of spirituality, history, science and technology. Vast number of Sanskrit manuscripts are still not only available in India, but a sizeable amount of around 1.5 million (15 lakhs) Sanskrit Manuscripts drained out of this country during European rule are held in libraries and museums of America and Europe. The need is to collect, edit and publish this vast scientific literature, so that data on various scientific subjects may be collected and subjected to further research for complementing the knowledge at hand. In addition to this, vast knowledge of various types of technologies and sciences is lying buried with Indian masses that are unqualified in terms of any college or university degree but inherited this knowledge traditionally through their ancestors or Gurus. This data must also be collected and resources be pooled up to explore this vast treasure of civilizational knowledge system so as to initiate a process to unlock these systems currently atrophied due to centuries of neglect and stagnation and may be put to use for practical application.

 To redeem the above objective, this website is launched. It is our cherished wish that this website will serve as a platform for scholars and institutions of Vedic science and modern science to share and exchange the ancient knowledge for useful application of this ancient knowledge for humankind at large.

To initiate this venture, ‘Energy Generation’ and ‘Health’ under Vedic ancient sciences of India have been taken up first. Various Institutions and scholars pursuing modern sciences and technology can also participate to share this information on ancient sciences of India for complementing or supplementing the knowledge at hand, so that the ancient Indian Vedic knowledge may be preserved and carried forward for the benefit of humankind. Our aim is to bring together the Vedic scholars and institutions who evinced a great deal of interest for Vedic studies on scientific lines and Modern scientists or scholars interested into Vedic scientific vision to co-ordinate for synthesis of modern scientific knowledge with the Vedic one so that it may diffuse following the Vedic vision for upkeep, advancement of humankind and not for ecological crisis, destruction and extinction of living beings from the globe.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon the ancient Indian Vedic texts and given with the sole intention to provide data on various aspects of Ancient Indian Sciences to make the scholars and students aware of various scientific concepts  prevalent in ancient India to do further research and investigation. We cannot guarantee about its validity and authenticity. Hence, it is proposed that before following any guidelines given in this website about maintaining good health or healthy life style or otherwise, one must consult the experts in the concerned field.